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A concrete action of the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) 4CNW was a cross-sectoral innovation voucher scheme that ran from 2012-2013 in Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Its goal was to promote the broader use of creativity by businesses operating in the wider economy.

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Fostering growth in the north west of Europe

Targeted at Creatives and businesses in the industry sectors of Agri-Food, Tourism, Technology and Life Sciences, the initiative focused on harnessing creativity in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North West of Ireland, developing the natural creative assets of those regions to foster innovation and lead to economic growth.

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What is 4CNW?

4CNW stands for Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent North West. It was a business innovation support programme co-financed by Sligo County Council and the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) as an initiative of European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry.

4CNW was implemented by the Creative State North West across the jurisdictions of Ireland (North West), Northern Ireland and Scotland in 2012/13.

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Brokering Creative Advantage; key findings from the 4CNW Programme